Vertical Conquests Film


Vertical Conquests: An exciting journey to discover the third generation of the most important Street Artists on the world scene, after the pioneers such as Jeff Aerosol and the best known Bansky.

The documentary clearly illustrates the works of the many young talents around the world and analyzes the different forms of street art to present it to the public as a great global, sociological, cultural and organizational movement.

In this regard, young artists are not presented as simple graffiti artists who dirty walls but as real communicators who use this form of art to send precise messages.

The viewer will be put in contact not only with the reality of the artists but also with all the people who are part of it, such as festival organizers, bloggers, gallery owners and museum directors, testifying to the great versatility of Street Art, contemporary art at all. tondo, protagonist of the largest museums in the world.


An exciting trip to discover the most important street artists on the World scene. Telling about the new generation after Banksy, made up of very young talents, very versatile in their art, true researchers, who use the walls to experiment and grow in their artistic journey. This leads them to have not only millions of “followers” on the internet, but to end up in the largest museums in the world, proving that Street Art is nothing but contemporary art in all respects.

Genre: Documentary
Directed By: Rosa Chiara Scaglione
Cast: Borondo, Gaia, Sten & Lex, Mentalgassi, Jef Aerosol, Rero, Sbagliato, Hyuro, DALEast, Faith47, Sam3

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