“Flower in the Pocket”: a film about motherless children

“Flower in the pocket” is the film by the young Malaysian director Liew Seng Tat (1979) that has been awarded at the Pusan ​​and Rotterdam film festivals and will be presented this month at the “Cines del Sur” contest in Granada.

And what is this movie about? In Japan there is a curious custom: Mother’s Day is commemorated with flowers. According to tradition, flowers of two colors are offered, the white symbolizing death and the red one for life.

With this starting point the director wanted to make a movie about two children on the trail of that maternal figure, but with the passage of time he changed his mind, and finally it is about children who were not even aware of her existence. That is why the mother became the background of the story: the tale of two motherless children and their complicated life with a father who is addicted to work and neglects them.

A hard subject where they exist and it will be necessary to see the movie to discover how he has dealt with it and what conclusions he has drawn from the unstructured families. A priori, the film seems optimistic.

Regarding filming with children, the filmmaker stated in an interview that although for others it is problematic because they have to be disciplined at work, for him it has been positive because he learned to be more flexible and this completely changed his concept of filming. a film. Well, for these sensible statements and for the daring choice of the subject, I bet on this boy and I wish him the best of luck in his work.